Case Report Highlights

Welcome to our Case Report Highlights feature. We invite healthcare providers from a broad range of specialties and settings inside and outside the MedStar Healthcare System to share their experience by contributing brief case reports that highlight the use of one particular bloodless tool or technique. 

Reports should be long enough to provide a succinct case description. Please include: patient history and condition at initial consult; treatment plan, strategies used, dosing details on any drugs highlighted, and outcome. If a case highlights more than one technique it may be included in more than one subsection. Examples of highlights that could be featured include:

  • Successful use of a drug to reduce bleeding
  • Strategic teamwork and planning for the bloodless patient 
  • A technique used in successful management of hemorrhage or trauma 
  • Successful treatment in a low-resource setting.

To inquire about submitting your case report highlights, please fill out the form on our Bloodless Medicine home page.

Tranexamic Acid in Orthopedic Surgery

Timothy PennTimothy Penn, MD
Orthopedic Surgery
Illinois SW Orthopedics
Glen Carbon, Illinois

Total Hip Replacement 53-year-old male with cardiac arrhythmia

Total Knee Replacement 83-year-old female with kidney disease

Total Knee Replacement 65-year-old male with severe osteoarthritis




These case studies are based on individual patient experiences. This content is being provided for informational and reference purposes only and should not be used as guidelines for medical decision-making. We advise patients to always consult with a physician before making any health care decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition.