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MedStar Risk Management

MedStar Risk Management

Seeking to replace the medical liability culture of “defend and deny” that is so prevalent in this country with a culture of immediate and compassionate response, MedStar’s Risk Management program leads MedStar’s efforts to resolve patient-provider conflicts at the point of care. To accomplish this objective the Risk Management program tries to insure that whenever a patient has suffered an adverse and unexpected outcome that MedStar’s response is to provide support to our associates, while at the same time providing the patient: a full and honest disclosure; an apology when appropriate; and fair resolution, including compensation, also when appropriate. We believe that doing so reduces medical professional liability claims, and fosters immediate system learning regarding patient safety improvements.

Working in collaboration with the other parts of MedStar’s Institute for Quality and Safety, the Risk Management team strives to advance its integrated conflict management approach to insure that its response to adverse events is always fair and impartial to patients and providers, and is one that fosters innovative and effective quality and safety solutions.