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International Learning

International Learning

The MedStar Institute for Quality and Safety is engaged in teaching patient safety, quality, and leadership around the world. Our seasoned faculty serves as experts, and can work with novice faculty to tailor a successful curriculum for the specific needs of your organization. From small and large teams of health administrators and one-time learning experience, to large academic health system resident physician patient safety and quality training, to rural nursing communication and leadership 3-day immersion workshops: we can design a curriculum to fit your needs.

Examples of tailor made patient safety curriculum include work In Doha, Canada, and Australia, where our faculty has worked with students, residents, and teachers. These programs have included comprehensive training for large numbers of learners over four to five days. This time together proved to be invaluable.

For more information on designing a curriculum for your organization, contact Crystal Morales, MS, BSN, RN, Senior Director, Education, MedStar Health Institute for Quality and Safety.


Doha, Qatar

For me, the greatest takeaway has been how very similar the hearts of healthcare students in Doha, Qatar are to their peers in Telluride, CO, Napa, CA or Washington DC. The caring and concern they expressed for one another and their patients is exactly the same as that expressed by their peers in the west. The local cultural challenges, however, are what present differences in the way these young people will approach the delivery of care in Doha. For example, one 3rd year medical student expressed concern that while even talking about cancer or suggesting a mammogram to a Doha woman is tabu, the need to deliver standard of care for that patient is more important to her. How to navigate these complex communication and cultural challenges, and to do so in a patient centered way, is what brought her to the Telluride Experience Doha”. ETY Blog by Dave Mayer

PSEP – Canada

The Patient Safety Education Program — Canada is based on the Patient Safety Education Program (PSEP), an unincorporated partnership, which was previously housed at the Buehler Centre for Aging, Health & Society at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL and has transitioned to and is now managed by the MedStar Institute for Quality and Safety (MIQS). PSEP is now embedded as a program within the MIQS Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety The effective date of the hand-off was  January 1, 2017.




Sydney, Australia

For the last two years, healthcare learners and faculty in Sydney, Australia have partnered with our Telluride Experience faculty, and created a hybrid AU-US healthcare professional learning experience like none other.

Listen to participants talk about their experience in the short video created during our time together:

CEC – Telluride Australia 1 – The Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety (April 22-26, 2016)