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Care for Caregiver

Caring For Our Caregivers

Caring for our Caregivers when the care they deliver or witness does not go as planned is an important part of our culture here at MedStar Health. Even when the care delivered is of the highest quality, the loss of a patient can still leave healthcare professionals searching for answers. Our Care for the Caregiver Program is in place to make certain all our caregivers feel supported, and know they have a place to turn when they themselves are hurting. If you are in need of support from a peer or someone in our program, please contact us at [email protected].

Crystal Morales, RN, MS, Director of High Reliability and Safety, leads the Care for the Caregiver Program at MedStar Health, a program she is very passionate about having been a nurse at the front lines of care herself. She knows how important it is to ensure the needs of our caregivers are met. In the following video, Crystal talks about the need for every health system to put a program in place, as well as resources available at MedStar Health.

Caring for our Caregivers at MedStar Health has been a goal embedded within our overarching high reliability strategy. Learn more about MedStar Health’s Care for the Caregiver Program from Eileen Moore, MD, Patient Safety Officer at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.