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Candor Services

The MedStar Institute for Quality and Patient Safety (MIQS) integrates MedStar Health’s values, experience and expertise, all of which are reflected in and synergize with a CANDOR-based approach to change. These include the following:

  • Commitment to open and honest communication in service to the well being of the patients and families we serve, as well as the MedStar workforce
  • Learning from our high-reliability journey focused on elimination of all preventable harm events
  • Deep experience with human factors analysis and event review design (“Go Team”)
  • Leadership roles in patient safety education and research
  • System-wide dedication to patient and family engagement in safety and quality improvement work

MIQS faculty are internationally recognized leaders in designing, developing, and implementing CANDOR type communication and resolution programs. MIQS faculty served as architects for the development of the CANDOR toolkit, based on large-scale system-wide implementation at MedStar and University of Illinois.  We have trained and coached organizational leaders across the United States, as well as in Qatar, Australia and other countries.

If implemented successfully, a CANDOR approach will show both short-term and long-term improvements. In the short term, hospitals and healthcare systems will see hard wire processes that, with sustained support, will improve the reporting and monitoring of adverse events and maintain the trust of patient communities through candid, caring communication. In the longer term, hospitals will see medical liability claims reduced and patient safety outcomes improved.

MIQS integrates the system’s deep experience with human factors analysis and design, its leadership roles in patient safety education and research, and its system wide commitment to patient and family engagement in safety and quality improvement work, all of which are reflected in and synergize with a CANDOR based approach to change.

Integrated Three-Phase Approach:  MIQS offers a cohesive bundle of assessment; training, design and other program interventions that together will embed a CANDOR based approach in hospitals and healthcare systems.  Though tailored to each implementation partner’s mission, specific circumstances, program strengths and program needs our multi-phased approach typically includes:

  1. CANDOR Readiness Assessment and Gap Analysis
  2. CANDOR Training and Implementation; and
  3. Sustaining a Culture of CANDOR

Using CANDOR tools, Phase I and II work provides a combination of onsite/offsite training and coaching to:

  • Assess organizational readiness to implement
  • Get buy-in from key stakeholders including medical staff and liability insurers
  • Expedite compassionate, time sensitive responses to unexpected patient harm events
  • Meet the emotional and psychological needs of healthcare staff impacted by patient harm events
  • Conduct in-depth event review and analysis informed by human factors methods and systems engineering approaches
  • Initiate a fair and timely resolution process when a breach of the standard of care occurs
  • Advance organizational transparency that sustains trust
  • Engage the entire organization in continuous leaning and improvement

Phase III sustainment offerings include an array of patient safety education programming tailored to targeted audiences – healthcare professional students, residents and fellows among them — as well as systemic patient and family engagement in safety and quality improvement work.

At MIQS we approach working with other organizations in the spirit of collaboration,
eager to share what we have learned
and to continue to learn with you.