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Candor Consulting

CANDOR Consulting and Training Opportunities 

Because our MIQS faculty were intimately involved in the development and dissemination of the AHRQ CANDOR Toolkit, we have been asked by a number of health systems across the country and around the world, to share our approach to implementing the tenets that support a CANDOR approach to patient harm. Our training consists of dynamic workshops and consulting on the following, and we have now worked with a number of clients, tailoring our approach to meet the needs of each individual organization.


What We Offer

One-on-one or your entire Board! Bring everyone to the table, or let us share success stories one-by-one. This work takes Courage! Is your Board engaged? Is Leadership ready to be transparent?

No matter the size of your department, we’ll get your teams big and small as excited as we are about CANDOR! Contact us today, and start the conversation.

This is it! Change happens when you know what it is that needs to be changed. Using our uniquely crafted assessment tool, you’ll know where you are, and where you need to go.

Let the fun begin! Spend 2 days with our team, and you’ll walk away not only with tools and knowledge, but also a network of patient safety leaders charged up to do the right thing. Always!

Communication is the number one cause of patient harm, and our number one priority. How we communicate with each other, and how we communicate with our patients are pivotal in preventing harm. This is a three step process, with sessions and training designed to match your needs.

  1. We'll perform a Communication Assessment
  2. Design your training from there
  3. By the end of this learning, you will be able to operationalize communication training at your own health system, including the creation of both a: Communication Consult and Coaching Service and Care for the Caregiver Program

Use the Event Review Tool created by MedStar Health experts, also in the AHRQ Toolkit, or bring your own. Either way, we will assess where your Event Review process is, supply training as needed, and then help you roll out this “must have” CANDOR tool in your own health system.

Risk managers welcome–no, necessary! They are a integral part of the CANDOR team. Learn how CANDOR keeps all of us out of the courtroom.

CANDOR is now ready to Go Live at your health system. How will you roll it out? We’ll help you prepare your strategy.

Additional Opportunities to Work with MIQS Experts

  • Individual Case-based Consultation
  • Faculty access after CANDOR program launched
  • Improving informed consent