Center for Improving Diagnosis in Healthcare

Why is there a need to improve diagnosis in healthcare?

Diagnostic errors occur in all settings of care, contribute to about 10 percent of patient deaths and are the primary reason for medical liability claims. 1 in 10 diagnoses are incorrect. Diagnostic error accounts for 40,000-80,000 US deaths annually—somewhere between breast cancer and diabetes. Chances are, we will all experience diagnostic error in our lifetime1” National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, 2015. BMJ Quality & Safety 25-Year Summary of US Malpractice Claims, 2013

What is the MIQS Center for Improving Diagnosis in Healthcare?

The MIQS Center for Improving Diagnosis in Healthcare is focused on the issue of improving diagnosis using a multi-pronged approach to achieve the goals set forth in the Improving Diagnosis in Health Care report published by the National Academies of Medicine in September 2015.

MIQS is dedicated to becoming a national leader in achieving goals set forth in the NAM report. MIQS leaders and executives from across MedStar Health are committed to supporting quality and safety excellence. Our diverse faculty, strong patient, family and community engagement structures, world class training and education, and our patient safety and health services research programs each add important perspectives to our understanding of diagnostic challenges.

A number of related incubator processes are currently underway across MedStar, including a cognitive training program for medical residents focused on diagnosis, surveys to understand gaps in awareness and knowledge about diagnostic error and to understand perceptions related to the magnitude of diagnostic issues in the healthcare environment. MIQS faculty and staff are also gathering information from important MedStar programs such as We Want to Know, and Learning from Every Death to quantify how often problems or concerns related to diagnosis are identified. MedStar also has one of 6 teams from across the nation selected to participate in a prototyping diagnosis improvement collaborative funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and organized and led by the Society for Improving Diagnosis in Medicine and The Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

The Center is led by Dr. Christine Goeschel, ScD, MPA, MPS, RN, FAAN, and AVP, Quality at MedStar Health. Dr. Goeschel is active in the national community focused on healthcare diagnosis and served  on the National Academies Panel that studied the issue from 2013-2015 and produced the referenced report.

The Center will address diagnostic challenges by:

  • Convening interested clinician, patient and family and community stakeholders
  • Collaborating to identify and prioritize diagnostic challenges
  • Creating goal directed strategies and tactics, training, tools and effective improvement interventions, and
  • Communicating what we learn with the larger healthcare community through workshops, publications, enhanced training and expanded research.