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Tracy Granzyk, MS, MFA

Tracy GranzykFounder and Director, Center for Healthcare Narrative

Tracy Granzyk, MS, MFA is a writer, filmmaker and healthcare content developer working to increase awareness around an inclusive culture of patient and provider safety and patient engagement throughout the healthcare continuum. She creates innovative healthcare related stories for web, print and film, incorporating knowledge and experience gained from a successful career across a wide range of healthcare delivery entities that include: health system administration, the biotech industry and medical research. The result of having worn multiple healthcare hats is a perspicacious and inclusive perspective on what makes healthcare tick and areas that still need stories to be told.

Tracy is currently serving as Founder and Director, Center for Healthcare Narrative at the MedStar Institute for Quality and Safety. She is adjunct faculty at the Georgetown University and full-time faculty at the Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety: The Telluride Experience where her focus is to teach healthcare stakeholders, patients and families the value and the ‘how to’ in elevating and honoring the stories of patients and healthcare professionals. In 2010, Tracy created a social media presence for AELPS: TTE via the Telluride Blog, Twitter and Instagram for attendees, colleagues and alumni of The Telluride Experience, giving all a place and a platform from which to share their stories; an effort that has globally expanded the reach of the curriculum and knowledge shared, culminating in the multi-authored and -audience nonfiction work, Shattering the Wall of Silence.

Tracy's passion for patient safety grew after meeting Helen Haskell and Patty Skolnik in 2007 while working as a writer on the Tears to Transparency film series. So impressed with the work these inspirational patient advocates were doing to protect others from similar harm, Tracy was inspired to do the same. In 2011, she left a successful sales and marketing career in the biotech industry to contribute her writing, content development, and marketing skills to protect patients and providers. Tracy has written, directed and produced a growing film portfolio, along with numerous writing projects. In addition to leading the Center for Healthcare Narratives, Tracy is currently at work on a creative nonfiction book, a short documentary on medical education, and a feature length documentary examining how health disparities affect the well-being of moms and babies.

Tracy can be reached via email at [email protected], on Twitter (@tgranz), and on LinkedIn.